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This is the personal web site of Jishi Samuel. The views expressed here are his personal views. Click here for comments.

"Those who profess to favor freedom, yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will" - Frederick Douglass, 1857

Death Tolls in various disturbed areas around the world......            Last updated:

Iraq-US (Maximum civilian cumulative total reported)
Palestine-Israel (since the start of the Palestinian uprising against Israel in September 2000)
India-Pakistan (since 1990, includes Jammu & Kashmir)

Current Issues:

  • [Mar 02, 2007]

    "No Patent" low cost drug for Malaria proposed

    A low priced drug for malaria has been produced by a paris based drug company Sanofi-Aventis. The world's fourth largest drug company has decided not to seek any patents so the pills can be freely copied by generic companies like those in India. The company proposes to sell the drug at no profit at less than $1 to very poor customers and $3 to $4 to wealthier ones. The pill is designed primarily for Africa, where a child dies of malaria every 30 seconds.

  • [Feb 26, 2007]

    UN incited Bangladesh's army take over

    The UN warned the Bangladesh Army chief that if it supported the forthcoming elections, which the UN feared would be violent, it might lose several peacekeeping contracts. UN peacekeeping contracts bring in $300 million a year to Bangladesh which is significant for the poverty ridden country. The next day, the Army chief walked into the office of Bangladesh's president and ordered him to declare a state of emergency, cancel the election, and install a military-backed caretaker government.

  • [Feb 24, 2007]

    Novartis throttling AIDS relief operations in developing countries

    Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis is challenging the Indian Governments decision to put peoples health before patents and profits. Until 2005, India was able to produce affordable versions of medicines which was pateneted elsewhere, since the country did not grant pharmaceutical patents.

    Indian drugs constitute one quarter of the drugs brought by over 30 developing countries worldwide. 80% of medicines used for the treatment of AIDS in the developing countries come from India. Novartis is effectively trying to shut down the pharmacy of the developing world.

    India has 5.7 million people living with HIV/AIDS, according to the United Nations, which is the world's highest caseload. But the prevalence rate is much lower than in most of Africa.

    India complied to the The World Trade Organization's (WTO) Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement in 2005. But this agreement includes provisions to safeguard public health and India has included only these in its patent laws.

    The Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health signed in 2001 reinforced the right of individual countries to implement these safeguards.

    Challenging the public health safeguards in the Indian Law by Novartis will affect the access to medicines in developing countries when the TRIPS agreement by itself has made it difficult for India to produce affordable medicines.

    The Indian Network for People with HIV/AIDS (INP+), the People's Health Movement, the Centre for Trade and Development (Centad), the international medical humanitarian organisation Mèdecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) have all expressed their protest on the lawsuit. They have opposed patent applications for crucial AIDS drugs that they need to be able to access at affordable prices. The survival of these organizations and their effort to fight AIDS all depend greatly on winning these patent oppositions.

    Widespread protests forced the Novartis to abandon a similar legal action agains the South African government in 2001.

    Please join these efforts to get Novartis to back off from India.

  • [Feb 5, 2007]

    Killing innocents for promotion and rewards

    In the 17 year old insurgency in Kashmir, more than 60,000 people have been killed. Recently a new trend has been observed in these killings. Police officers have been conducting "false encounters" and killing innocent people to claim rewards and promotions.

  • [Feb 4, 2007]

    Rape and ye shall marry? In India, Yes.

    Rapists in India has an option now - Marry and you may get away scot free.

    Last year, a Delhi court asked a rape victim to consider a marriage proposal from her rapist in a bid to escape conviction. Women's groups, including the National Commission for Women had criticised the court for even entertaining such a proposal.

  • [Jan 9, 2007]

    Indians offered cash prizes for marrying beneath their caste

    The Indian Government is offering 50,000 rupees to higher-caste people who marry spouses from the lowest castes in its latest controversial effort to dismantle the ancient Hindu social hierarchy.

  • [Jan 6, 2007]

    India's national carrier dishonours Indian Currency

    Air India flights accepts only US Dollars or Dirhams on it's flights to UAE for in-flight purchases. If being in international territory is the reason for this, why would the tea vendor in the departure lounge (after emigration) accept Indian Rupees?

  • [Aug 9, 2006]

    High priest sacked on allegations of sexual harassment

    The preliminary police investigations showed that the priest had visited a flat in Kochi and spent time with a woman. There is a case of immoral trafficking pending against the woman in question whom the priest had gone to meet.

    This is believed to be part of the same master plan that propagated the desecration story since the priest had opposed the move for corrective rituals and had alleged that the story was fabricated.

  • [Aug 1, 2006]

    Actress breached security and touched idol at Sabarimala Temple

    Controversy erupted at Sabarimala when a film actress admitted to have entered the sanctum sanctorum and touched the celibate idol. Earlier an astrologer had discovered that a woman had entered the temple which was out of bounds for females between the ages of ten to fifty and hence desecrated it.

    The chief priest at the temple denied the allegations and maintained that it is part of a master plan to derogate the sanctity and popularity of the temple. It is also alleged that the astrologer is involved in this master plan and the whole set of discoveries by the astrologer and the ensuing revelation by the actress was fabricated.

    It is believed that as part of the master plan, the presence of "Lord Ram" was discovered in the devaprasnam. The corrective action proposed was to instate Lord Ram also in Sabarimala to eventually make the believers chant "Jai Ram", the infamous slogan that preceded the destruction of Babri Masjid. The relevance of Sabarimala in the context of multi-religious fabric of Kerala is the glorious camaraderie of Lord Ayyappa and Vavaru Swami. A muslim shine that co-exists in Sabarimala for centuries and where the hindu pilgrims paid a customary visit was also targeted in the master plan, threatening the centuries old secular tradition of the temple.

  • [Jul 12, 2006]

    No skirts for girls in the campus

    The women's commission of a state in India is considering a ban on skirts for girls and to enforce strict dress codes for women to prevent crimes against them.

    The mindset prevails in these societies that it is the fundamental right of a man to misbehave with a woman and it is a woman's responsibility to protect herself.

  • [Jul 05, 2006]

    Girl child labourer tortured and murdered

    The 10 year old girl who was caught trying on her mistress's lipstick was tortured and killed by an educated urban mother of three.

  • [Jun 21, 2006]

    Rapist escapes jail by marrying victim

    A 25-year old man charged with raping a young hearing and speech impaired woman in Chennai has escaped conviction by marrying the victim after striking a compromise with her family.

    This shocked women rights activists who feel this could be a precedent-setting verdict.

  • [May 23, 2006]

    Spammers win the battle once again

    In a disheartening development in the ongoing battle against spam by computers users, a computer security company waved a virtual white flag of surrender and closed down its operations.

  • [May 11, 2006]

    Idealist politics humbles mafia rule

    Former minister and prime accused in the infamous ice-cream parlour sex scandal, IUML leader Mr. P.K Kunhalikutty was defeated in a historic electoral reverse by his former aide Mr. K.T.Jaleel who was earlier expelled from the party since he began questioning the style of functioning of the party.

  • [Apr 06, 2006]

    Police torture boy in custody

    A 13-year-old boy taken into custody by police for alleged theft was tortured in a police station in Kerala.

  • [Feb 25, 2006]

    Show cause notices issued to hostile witnesses

    In a landmark judgment an Indian judge awarded life imprisonment to the Best Bakery case accused but also accused perjury on the witnesses giving a clear warning message to several other similar cases around the country where witnesses have been forced to change their statements owing to life threats.

  • [Jan 10, 2006]

    Parents of peace activits killed by Israeli bulldozers sue Caterpillar

    Parents of Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American peace activist who was crushed and killed by an army-driven Caterpillar bulldozer in Gaza are suing Caterpillar for violating the Geneva Convention and American torture laws in allowing its equipment to be used against the Palestinian people and their homes.

    There is a boycott of Caterpillar, the company that makes the bulldozers Israel uses to knock down Palestinian homes.

  • [Jan 1, 2006]

    Rigorous imprisonment for sexual harassment

    A court in Kerala has issued a sentence of rigorous imprisonment for sexually harassing a Calicut University employee in a bus.

    P.E. Usha, the mother of a 12 year old girl, received little help from the state. For pursuing the case, even her daughter was not left out. She was threatened over the phone that her daughter would be kidnapped, raped and killed. The State Women's Commission had refused to intervene since it is a police case. Though the entire state had been talking about Usha's case, there were few organisations willing to support Usha.

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