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Gallery -> Australia
Perth Outskirts
Botanical Garden
Near the Garden House
Walk in the Garden
Dog Walking
Reaching Out
Port of Portland
Portland Wood Chips
Sea Side Road
View of the Port
With Babu
Portland City Council
Cross Roads
City Council Office
View of Port Facing the Emu Emu in Close Up Seamens Club Volunteer who took us to watch Kangaroos
View of Fremantle Loading Sheep in Cattle Carrier View Freo from Ship View of Freo
View of Fremantle Port Toto in Fremantle Toto in Portland Safeway Booze Shop
To Melbourne Seamens Club Volunteer who took us to Melbourne In Melbourne with the Pastor Melbourne Street View
On Top Of The World Realto Towers - Tallest Building in the Southern Hemisphere Fair in Perth Sculptor at Work
Deep Reflections Under Water World View Fishes Under The Sea
Sea View From The Ship

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