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They helped Jishi Samuel while hunting for a job....Thank You!


  • Sudhir Venugopal

    Daily pick up to Dubai from Sharjah
    Office facility to send faxes and also internet access
    Transportation to interview venues whenever free
    Lots and Lots of Moral Support....

  • Aravindan B.K.

    First person to meet in Dubai at the airport
    Arrangement of accommodation
    Guidance in job hunting...from own experiences
    Logistic support
    Internet access
    A friend in need...

  • Murali Ramaswamy

    Expert opinions
    Logistic support
    Moral Support

  • Amarnath K.P.

    Transportation whenever free
    Daily lift to Dubai
    Thoughtfully brings Classifieds and Appointments newspapers
    Help in sending faxes, email
    Supportive, helpful and provides great company just when you need it most!

  • Naushadali Malayil

    Technical support

  • Salahuddeen

    Technical support

  • Anish Kumar O.K.

    An innovative idea consultant
    Great moral support
    Transportation in need

  • Vinayraj
  • Ramesh
  • Jaikrishnan (JK) He is the Sports Secretary of the NSS Alumni in UAE.

    Here, the remarkable and unprecedented support extended by the NSS Alumni in UAE needs to be specially mentioned. In response to an email sent to the alumni website, the President Mr. Pradeep called Jishi Samuel on phone and discussed the progress. He also invited Jishi Samuel to an informal session of the alumni and even presented the situation before the gathering and sought suggestions and information from other members in helping Jishi Samuel with the job hunt. He also took the pains to compile a list of companies and their contact information which could be contacted for situations.

    Mr. Abraham Alex and Kishor Mathew also expressed genuine interest and extended support.

    There needs to be a concerted effort on the part of the Alumni Associations where job hunting newcomers could register their resumes and the other members could pass on information about vacancies and other useful information.

  • Mohan
  • Moorthy
  • Anish P.V.
  • Joy John
  • Ajith K. Aboobacker
  • Rafi
  • Iqbal
  • Omar Shereef
  • Sunil Menon
  • Kabeer Babu

    This list should have been ideally very long considering the number of ex-NSSians here in the U.A.E. I hope future job aspirants would benefit from the efforts of the N.S.S. Alumni here to streamline their job hunting strategy. Please send in your suggestions on how the alumni could be useful to a job hunter.

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