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N.S.S. College of Engineering, Palakkad
N.S.S. Engineering College, Palakkad is one of the most reputed, premier engineering educational institutions in Kerala.

It was founded in 1960 by Nair Service Society under the leadership of late Sri Mannathu Padmanabhan.

The college is affiliated to the University of Calicut and is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE).

This is the first government aided engineering college in Kerala to get a national accreditation.

The following departments of this college are accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) of AICTE:

BE Civil Engineering
BE Mechanical Engineering
BE Electrical Engineering
BE Instrumentation & Control Engineering

N.S.S. College of Engineering has an enviable heritage and legacy of grooming brilliant engineering professionals who has later made their mark in the industrial and other sectors of the country and abroad.

The first Prime Minister of India, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote on 14th of August 1960, " On the occasion of the inauguration of the Engineering College at Palghat, I send my good wishes. We want trained men and women in many national activities, and perhaps most of all, we require trained engineers. I am glad that this new college is being started in Kerala State ”.

Nestling among the verdant foothills of the Western Ghats at Akathethara, the campus is just 9 km from the Palakkad town. The Campus is easily accessible being only 4 km from the Palakkad Railway Junction and only 5 km from the renowned Malampuzha Gardens.

Life @ NSSCE

Jishi Samuel spent four wonderful years of his life here. Click here to view a few glimpses of the life at NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad.

Alumni Associations

Alumni associations across the world strive to keep the memories alive of those glorious years spent in the campus. It so happens that there are a number of alumni associations for NSS College of Engineering functioning simultaneously all over the world where ever a few Ex-NSSsians got together. Over time, rivalries and differences...political or personal...found their way to these gatherings too. Having had to witness heated exchanges amounting even to physical assaults, this often resulted in people staying away from the mere mention of the word "alumni".

The other day this website got a request from the newly formed placement cell coordinator of the college. He requested the help of ex-students who were well placed in different companies across the world to pass on information of requirements in their companies to the placement cell and to arrange for campus interviews if possible.

This website opines that efforts should be made to coordinate the activities of different alumni associations functioning across the world. This would enable to streamline and utilise the resources of the community more effectively.

Representatives of the alumni associations reading this as well as each and every one of the community, please send in your suggestions on how this movement could be made more useful and fruitful.

NSS Alumni in Dubai

The alumni association in Dubai got a fresh lease of life when a few energetic and well meaning youngsters took over the association activities in 2004. Sporting activities were resumed under the able leadership of the new Sports Secretary and a couple of matches were held with teams of other colleges alumni associations.

Recent Activities:

  •  Annual Get-Together 2006 was celebrated in a big way with more than 500 attendees on the 24th November 2006 at the Marriot Courtyard in Dubai.
Annual Get-Together 2005 of NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, UAE Chapter was organized on 9th December 2005 at Gulf Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

A message from a well wisher about the event (Alumni Get-Together 2005):

"A grand event indeed. The venue with its picturesque outdoors was exciting especially for the kids who once again lured the hearts of all with their enchanting non-stop onstage and offstage performance.

.... kasme vaade... filled the air with nostalgia for many of us and an un-matched alumni performance...

ormacheppu2005.....yet another feather....

alumni family is growing in quality n quantity.....

10 years....a milestone to be proud of for one n all.

2006....carry on the legacy friends....... lets us try to give emphasis on our professional excellence too in the years to come, keeping our social n cultural heart intact....."

Forthcoming Events:

Please watch this space for news on forthcoming events by the NSS Alumni in Dubai!

Censorship in the Alumni Yahoo! Group

Once upon a time.....It was in 1996. That was before the e-Groups was taken over by Yahoo!. There was this very active and interesting e-Group which was formed and managed by an enterprising ex-1992 NSScian. There used to be very active and un restricted debates on the discussion forum which was very popular among the 1992 batch. The discussion forum, although managed from the UAE, served the most useful purpose of linking friends and batchmates across the globe and keeping them connected. Of course there were instances of abuses. But that's there everywhere and often the line of discretion is quite personal. The members of the group never felt the need to control or censor the group. They were after all ex-NSScians!!

Censorship? The idea itself is so very "un-NSScian".

In this historical backdrop.....it was quite disheartening to find a Christmas Greeting being Censored in the present Yahoo Group of the NSS Alumni.

Do we really need to "Moderate"? Click here for your comments.

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