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Bright Lands Nursery School
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This was the first school of Jishi Samuel.

The school was located at Asokapuram in Calicut. Asokapuram is a place, the name of which is not much known to many people in Calicut itself. Asokapuram is the place before Malabar Christian College when approaching Calicut from Wayanad. The grand old "Congress House" is situated just opposite to the location where the Bright Lands Nursery school stood, once upon a time.

Yes. Once upon a time because the school is no more.

The school which was considered the best nursery in Calicut was run by the "Uncle's" family. Everybody used to fondly call him "Uncle". Uncle and Aunty used to take classes. Then there was the "Aayah" who used to help the kids with various activities.

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