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Kuwait Livestock Transport & Trading Co. KSC.


This was the first shipping company of Jishi Samuel.

KLTT is a Kuwaiti public shareholding company established in 1973, with a capital of KD. 21,661,836 (Kuwaiti Dinar Twenty One Million Six Hundred Sixty One Thousand and Eight Hundred Thirty Six only).

KLTT owns a fleet of highly technical modern sheep carrier vessels to transport live sheep from Australia to the Arabian Gulf area. The most significant KLTT's vessels are Al Kuwait, Al Khaleej, Al Messilah and the Al Shuwaikh. The Al Shuwaikh is the largest livestock carrier in the world with a capacity of 125,000 sheep. Developed and converted (from a container ship) by Johs. Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Germany, this livestock carrier is equipped with special facilities for livestock transportation:

  • Automatic fodder system
  • Automatic drinking water supply
  • Combined drinking troughs for both sheep and cattle
  • Horizontal and vertical dung removal system
  • Removable aluminium decks for combined sheep/cattle carriers
  • Pen construction of galvanized material and/or aluminium
  • Optimum ventilation system

    Contact Details:

    Phone: (965) 2434210 / 2 or 2446475 Fax: (965) 2426645 / 2438970
    E-Mail: fleet@kltt.com.kw

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