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Sphinx Computers

This was the first venture of Jishi Samuel.

Sphinx Computers originated in the minds of two young engineering students in their final years at the NSS Engineering College, Palakkad. It was an evening at the Mens Hostel when the two friends were lying flat on the hostel ground, staring at the dark sky and talking about computers...

It was in 1992. It was the year when a computer lab was opened as part of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the NSS College of Engineering.

It was in those days that Unais, a computer whiz kid at the hostel, used to talk a lot about computers and people used to gather around to listen to him. He used to explain about storage mechanisms, floppy disks, memory, CPU, file systems, operating systems etc.

Unais, had started teaching in a training center in Palakkad. It was one of those days the two friends seriously started thinking about setting up a computer training center.

When they finally decided to set up the center in Calicut, things however changed. They set up a computer assembling center and registered it as a Small Scale Industrial Unit and along with the help of the District Industrial Center, began full fledged operations. Sphinx Computers was the first registered SSI unit in Calicut dealing with computers.

As the import duty on computer parts were drastically reduced due to the policies of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, the profit margin of assembled computer came down.

It was then that CCAD, the training division of Sphinx was started. CCAD distinguished itself from other training institutes in that the courses offered were technical in nature. CCAD offered AutoCAD with LISP Programming, C programming and CLIPPER.



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