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Central School Calicut (Kendriya Vidyalaya Kozhikode)

Jishi Samuel spent his early days in this school and its surrounding hill sides.

The school initially used to operate in a rented premise near the Malabar Christian College. This building is now the General Managers Office of Calicut Telecom.

The school has a 10+2 system. The terminal examination at the tenth standard is the All India Secondary Schools Examination.(AISSE).

The course offered is CBSE course A of the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Situated on the hillocks in Calicut known as East hill, the school offers a panoramic view.

Jishi fondly remembers the golden years he spent at the school. Click Here to visit the Photo Gallery.

Vijayalakshmi Madam, the principal of the school was one of the few women he admired when he was a child. She was a great administrator under whose guidance the school flourished and became one of the best schools in Calicut. The students used to feel proud to be part of this prestigious school. They cherished the high standards and discipline of the school.

Mathew Sir was incharge of the school's discipline. Being the Physical Education Trainer, he used to walk around the corridors (Patrol) in colorful track suits and used to catch students doing anything out of the way. He was a gem of a person. Since he was very strict many students hated him. There was even an incident when a rumour propped up and there were some writings on the walls of the boys toilet...The culprits were caught and punished....They later retaliated by locking the door to the principal's office overnight and jamming the lock by inserting wooden pegs into the keyhole...Well that was another day!

There are lots of other incidents that should appear here. Please send in your memory snippets to enrich these pages.

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