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Malabar Christian College

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Malabar Christian College is the premier college in the Malabar region which has a rich heritage and history leading back to the seventeenth century.

This is a Co-ed College, managed by the Church of South India. The college is affiliated to the University of Calicut. It comprises the Pre-Degree, Degree and Post Graduation courses in various departments having Malayalam and English as the media of instruction.

The college has produced a wide array of excellent students who have proved their mettle in every facet of the society.

A walk through the history

The college had its humble beginnings in a Primary school Started at Kallai, near Calicut, in 1848 by the Basel Evangelical Missionaries from Basel, a town on the border to France, Germany and Switzerland, with a strength of about 100 pupils in five classes. This was the first school to teach English in Calicut and the school was known as the B.G.E.M. Anglo-Vernacular school. In 1859 the school was shifted from Kallai to the heart of the town, east of Mananchira where the B.E.M. Girl's High School stands now. As years went by, the school became more and more popular, and in 1872 it was raised to a Middle School. Three years later a new building was constructed for the school and in 1878 the school was raised to a high school. Mr. G.T.Verghese was the first Head Master of the High school. Mr. Varghese was a man of outstanding ability and exemplary Christian character and under his management the school progressed rapidly.

The dawn of the twentieth century brought new problems. Expansion of the classes was impossible in the existing building. so in 1906, the school was shifted to the present building and the old building was handed over to B.E.M. Girl's High Scchool. In 1907, the management applied to the University of Madras for the affiliation of the institution as a second grade college. Thus in 1909, the first college class was opened with fifteen students of whom two were women, The Rev. W. Mueller was the first Principal and the college was called the Basel German Mission College. In the intermediate course English, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Kannada, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Logic, Ancient History and Modern History were the optional subjects. In 1928 Indian History was added and in 1928 German.

In 1911 when Mr. Mueller went on furlough, Mr. W.E. Hoare, M.A. (Oxon) was appointed principal. On his return furlough in 1915 Rev.Mueller resumed office as Principal. With the raising of the institution to the college level a hostel to accommodate fifty students was constructed near the college. within three or four years of the starting of the college, it was decided to raise the college to the first grade level and plans were prepared for a more spacious building. The out break of World War 1 followed by the internment of the German missionaries on the staff of the college interrupted the plan to upgrade the college.

When in 1919 the Home Board of the Basel Mission withdrew its missionaries from Malabar. The Madras Christian College took over the management of the College. The name of the college was then changed to Malabar Christian College. In 1920 Mr. Hoare retired and Mr. Joseph Muliyil, B.A. who was then on the staff of Madras Christian College, was appointed principal. In the following year, Mr. Muliyil went back to Madras Christian College, and Mr. F.N. Askwith M.A. (Cantab) was appointed Principal. In 1972 the management of the college was again taken over by the Basel Mission and Rev. A. Muench took charge of the college Principal. He was succeeded in 1930 by Rev. A .Streckeinsen who continues till 1935and was succeeded in 1935 by Dr. F. Melzor. After serving as the Principal for two years Dr. Melzor left to take up evangelistic work and Dr. T.H. lorch was appointed Principal.

After the formation of the Church of South India (CSI) on September 27, 1947 the college also came under the CSI.MCC Calicut is affiliated to the University of Calicut, Thenjipalam (Kozhikode Dist.).

The college is situated in the heart of Calicut city with 2 highways on either side. On the eastern side, the Wynad Road and on the western side the Canannore Road. This easy accessibility from all parts of the city, makes it convenient for students from far and near to arrive at this institution without much difficulty.

Although MCC Calicut, does not offer a wide choice of courses and opportunities for higher studies, it did produce a number of students who have brought fame for the insititution. Due to its German/Swiss connection MCC Calicut offers German language . It is one of the 3 institutions which offers German as second language in college education in Kerala and the only insititution in North Kerala which offers this foreign language.

Courses offered:

B.A/B.Sc. Degree Course (3 years) . Each course consists of 3 parts

Part 1 : English
Part 2 : Malayalam or Hindi or German
Part 3 : Optional subjects

B.A. History (main) Economics & Political science(subsidiary)
B.A. Malayalam(main)Sanskrit, Kerala History and Culture(subsidiary)
B.sc Mathematics (main) Statistics and Physics(subsidiary)
B.Sc Physics (main) Mathematics and Chemistry (subsidiary)
B.Sc Chemistry (main) Mathematics and Physics (subsidiary)
B.Sc Zoology(main) Chemistry and Botany (subsidiary)

M.A/M.Sc. Post-graduate Course (2 years)
MSc. Zoology with Entomology as special subject.
MA. History


Malabar Christian College,
Phone: 0495-2765679

Great men have treaded this way....

O.V.Vijayan, Dr. Ayyappapanikker, Jishi Samuel, Madhavanunni, Vipin Gopal, Dr. Venu (IAS), Justice R. Basant, Dr. Varghese Thomas, Prof. V M N Nambudiripad, Shri S.H. Balagovindan, Prabhakaran.K...

The list is not exhaustive. Please contribute names to add to the list.

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Ranganayaki from Hassan has contributed the name of Shri S.H. Balagovindan to the growing list of the great men/women of MCC Calicut. Thank You!

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